Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sullen Days

Hi all, sorry for my absence. I was planning on blogging more, and then I had a bad week. A really bad week.

I have lost my baby bunny and one of my precious piggies. I have no idea what happened to Thumper, but Holly had a stroke. I miss them sooooo much, you have no idea. Here's pictures of both, I'm sure you have seen them, but still, I had to put them up again. Just seeing my babies brings tears to my eyes.


I lost Thumper on Saturday May 30, and Holly on the next day. I have been so sad that I can barely function enough to get my day to day things done. I'm feeling better now, but I am still sad and miss them so very much. I know that it will be better with time, but the hole that is left in my heart will not heal so quickly, I love my critters way too much for it to heal overnight.

So, I hope anyone who was expecting to hear from me will understand and give me a few more days grace....

Hugs to all,