Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Crabs for Gerry

Hi All, Gerry was askin' me if I had crabs, and I told her no, but I don't think she believed me....HA!

So I am gonna try to find my crabs and put them on my blog to share with everyone....

Hope this helps Gerry!
Have a super day!

Fantasy Landscape Block

Well, I have been told to get my butt in gear and get rid of the under construction. So, I did! LOL!

I have been coerced into joining a new RR over at CQN, (more like threatened with the disappearance of my baby horsey!!!), so I did it. Talk about something that I was clueless about. This one is a fantasy landscape, and well, lets just say my imagination hasn't been at it's best for the past year or so, so coming up with a fantasy wasn't so easy for me. However, after a few days of cussing fabric, then thread, then more thread, I managed to get it together. I picture a secret garden type deal when I think of it, with tons of flowers, trees, critters, etc. Pretty much anything natural. And I got me a unicorn on there too. Guess that the fantasy part....

So, wanna see?

I can't imagine how it will look when it's done, the ladies working on this RR are all so good with ideas, I'm sure what I see and what they see will be two completely different things. I can't wait!

Have a super day,