Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dance Moms

Good morning all! 

We don't have much time to watch television, so it amazes me the caliber or shows that are on that thing.  I have a few shows that I follow religiously--Fringe, Law and Order: SVU, Dancing With The Stars, and Parenthood are pretty much it.  And those aren't "I'm gonna die if I don't know what happened" shows, just ones I enjoy when I'm home.  So last night I was doing laundry and cruising the channels for something to watch, when I came across "Dance Moms".  Oh my, this show is dramatic to say the least!  What is with those people?  WOW!  I think that Abby knows what she is doing as far as teaching the kids to dance, but those mothers on there....they are a whole different bunch of people.  I cannot honestly say that I would associate with any of them, and they are a bunch of whiny, cry-baby, drama queens!  Give me a break!  I watched a couple of episodes and was floored by the petty things that these women had to say.  They all have a problem with Abby, the dance instructor, for one reason or another.  One doesn't want her daughter doing "ethnic" dances, because it's stereotyping her.  Um, NO, it's teaching her to be able to do ethnic dances for auditions!  Good grief!  Another was griping because her daughters never have costumes.  Well, seems to me if you were concerned about it you would approach the instructor more than 15 minutes before you kid goes on stage.  DUH!  Another mom was complaining because one of the girls gets special attention all of the time and her daughter is mistreated.  Well, okay, I don't know what she means by special treatment, but from what I can tell she treated them all the same.  These women are so jealous of their kids and think the world revolves around them to the point that they seriously need to grow up.  If they are soooooo unhappy with Abby Lee's then why the hell don't they find someone else to teach their kids dance?  Or better yet, let Abby do her job, encourage their kids to listen to her and correct problems that they have and quit being so jealous of your kids!

That's just my honest opinion, but the show did it's job, it kept me watching to see what ridiculousness those petty moms could come up with next!