Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Be Careful What You Say....

Good morning!  It's sunny and beautiful here in Indiana today, a perfect day if I may say myself.  Too bad I have shopping to do, I'd much rather be outside working with the horses or in the yard.  Ah well....the to do list must come first, especially when the critters need some chow.
I have been seeing a lot of people posting things on Facebook about true friends.  Some times I let things bother me that really shouldn't, but some of this stuff is really getting to me.  Being a person who is always busy, and I mean ALWAYS busy, I feel like it is selfish for people to make these remarks.  Things like, "if you can't make time for me then I don't need you", and "Don't make room in your heart for someone who can't make time for you".  Well you know what, I love many of my friends dearly and I don't always keep in touch very well, but that doesn't mean that I'm not a good friend.  Or maybe it does.  Does the fact that I have so much to do that I barely sleep 4 hours a day, hardly eat and when I see the inside of my home I almost feel like a guest mean anything to anyone?  Really, you want to condemn people for taking care of their lives?  For me means taking care of 3 properties, my ill parents, my animals, my home, conditioning the horses and working.  Yes, so I take care of my life first, but that doesn't mean that I'm not a friend, it means that I don't have much time to play and when I do, I make the best of it with the best people.  I guess it just hurts because I have seen those kinds of posts from people that I consider good friends.  I don't know, maybe I'm just being oversensitive.....

To anyone who feels this way about me, please feel free to give me a hand with my work sometime so that I can play too.  I guess the fact that I don't really complain about my life leads people to believe that I am relatively happy, but I would love to be able to have time to sit down and chat on the phone, catch up on Facebook and hang out whenever I please.  However, until I get some help, that is NOT going to happen.  Either work with me, accept me for who I am, or get the hell over it!  Either way you choose to do it, remember, be careful what you say, you never know who is reading it and who may be hurt by it!

Hope you all have a fabulous day.