Thursday, October 20, 2011

We Have Become A Statistic

It's a rainy Thursday evening here in Indiana, cold and blustery, just plain out nasty.  I am sitting around waiting for laundry to finish, so what better time to do a little bloggin'.

We have officially become a statistic.  I hate this, I have dealt with my husband going from job to job for years, but after 6 years with his last employer, I felt like he had found a permanent home.  Unfortunately, they didn't feel the same way.  Today is day 6 of unemployment.  He's lucky to have lived through the past 4.  I am a creature of habit, and I HATE having my schedule changed.  Oh yes, I hate it very much.  So, this is the first time in 10 years that we have spent a solid week together.  Some of it has been very pleasant, most of it has been irritating, aggravating, annoying and just plain out bad.  It's not helping that it has rained for 3 straight days and I have been trapped inside with him.  I would much rather be doing my normal things at the farm and outside.  I am praying that it gets better.  FAST.  I work at night and therefore sleep in the daytime.  He's up and moving around.  The birds and cat are up moving around.  This leads to a very edgy me.  A very edgy me who is trying desperately to not blow a gasket about his former employer, and I know everyone says it, but they did him dirty.  He had 3 years seniority over 2 other employees, yet they "chose" to lay him off.  I am frustrated, worried and irritated.  I know it will get better, I just hope it comes before it's too late.

So, in my quest to save money, I have been price checking things against other stores in town.  OMG, I am so angry about this!  I cannot believe how much money I have been wasting on groceries!  I checked prices from Main Street Market to Walmart and the difference in just unbelievable!  I thought it would be a few cents here and a few cents there.  Nope, we're talking DOLLARS!  Yes, I said dollars!!!  Some things are more than a dollar and a half cheaper at Walmart.  Seriously.  How can they do this and get by?  Shouldn't that be considered price gouging?  So, needless to say, as much as I dislike Walfart, I'll be spending my grocery money there.  Plus they have the new policy to accept other store coupons, and they price match.  I think I'll fair pretty well if I can just keep on top of things.  (And stick to my list, not venturing out into the rest of the store!)  That may not be so easy coming into the holidays as this is a crazy, crazy time for me, but I'm going to do my best!  I'm going to try and set aside a couple hours on Sunday to check ads and coupons.  My printer is out, so Internet coupons won't be available for me, for now.  That will make it a little tougher, but I am determined to slash my grocery bill and save a few bucks while he's unemployed.  Especially since we are losing $400 a month.  I have to do something!  Looks like I may be in for a second job, which is not going to make for a happy me. Looks like those hand made gifts are going to be a must for me.

Well, here's to things getting better,  I certainly hope it happens soon.